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Amadeus Speed is a member of PALL-EX Romania

Amadeus Speed is an affiliate member of PALL-EX Romania from year 2021. We collect and provide express shipping for palletized goods from Romania or any other E.U. country.

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Each PALL-EX transport through Amadeus Speed comes with our commitment to cost efficiency. We are distribution partners of top brands in Europe and respect the same principles with every customer who needs us.

We use an integrated logistics management IT system to carefully coordinate and monitor shipments from our hubs in Sibiu, Bacau and Cluj.

The Track & Trace system empowers our infrastructure and allows customers to manage their shipments at any time.



The PALL-EX network was founded in 1996 in the UK and is today one of the largest logistics leaders in Europe.
PALL-EX is a standard of excellence in palletized transport, due to its innovative business model.
The company operates through a network of local carriers to efficiently distribute goods across European countries, wherever needed.
Romania is the first PALL-EX country in Eastern Europe and we are happy to be able to contribute daily to a high-performance distribution system.

For more information on the PALL-EX network, please see the following documents:

For orders and other questions, one of our staff members is at your disposal: 

Daniel Tod
Pall-Ex Sales Representative
Tel: 0741 883 279
Email: vanzari.pallex@amadeusspeed.ro